Orthopaedic Trauma Surgery

Specialist Trauma Surgeon

Orthopaedic trauma typically involves a broken bone, often caused by playing sport, a vehicle collision, violent activity or a fall.

Trauma may involve several bones being broken, requiring urgent surgery and ongoing treatment.

Dr Michel Genon performs acute and urgent orthopaedic surgery in both the public and private hospital system.

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Common Conditions

As well as broken bones, orthopaedic trauma may include injuries to muscles, ligaments and tendons.​

Fractures involving broken skin put patients at a high risk of infection and the patient typically requires immediate surgery to treat the broken bones.

Robotic Surgery

Dr Genon has undertaken specific up-skilling in robotic surgery, which offers orthopaedic surgeons access to the latest, precision-guided surgical technology.

This technology aims to improve the accuracy and alignment of the joint implant being used during surgery, which theoretically should improve the implant’s longevity and also help to produce a more consistent ligament and soft tissue balance.